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About Amy Cardito

Amy Cardito, the Founder and Owner of Independence & Dignity Count, Inc., has over 30 years’ experience in the medical field. She says, "I love what I do" and that makes all the difference. She has run a Nassau county home care company, sold almost every type of medical equipment and service, oxygen, ventilators, nursing services, a former Administrator of a surgical supply store, to name a few roles in her very diverse medical career. This is how Independence & Dignity Count, Inc. began. Seeing health care from so many different angles, it was very clear that there was an integral missing piece in healthcare. People do not really get the help they need or know where to find it. So many times there are solutions that the average person doesn’t even know exist. She created Independence & Dignity Count to use her expertise to address those needs. She is an expert medical equipment and Activities of Daily Living specialist and has the knowledge and experience to help you be the best you can be. She believes that caregivers need assistance as well, to get the best outcome for themselves and the patient. She feels that this is where she’s needed most.
She is certified in compression stockings and garments, Circaid, custom garments for venous insufficiency and lymphedema. The store carries Sigvaris, Jobst, Circaid, compression with wound care products, Elvarex, Diabetic compression socks, seamless custom stockings, and Performance athletic compression. IDC carries orthotic braces and supports, seating and positioning products, cervical and sleep apnea pillows, erectile dysfunction devices with private consults, seat lift chairs and Comfort Wear to make you look and feel great. She’s always adding new products. They rent wheelchairs, rollators, knee scooters and hip chairs. If there is something that she doesn’t have, she’ll get it or tell you where to get it. She believes that teaching, educating and showing you how to use the equipment makes all the difference in safety and whether the equipment or products are used. What works for or is safe for one person is not necessarily good for the next. There are many choices and they are not only explained to you, you get to try them and see why. Falls Prevention is always her goal.

When joking about getting older with her best friend about being 80 or 90 years old in their wheelchairs, Amy responded that hers would be red, have flowers, she’d be wearing her pearls and her lipstick. People would say, “Wow, Amy looks great!”, not, “Poor Amy. Look at her in that wheelchair.” She wants you to maintain your individuality. She makes sure to give you the equipment that is right for you. The experts at Independence & Dignity Count teach you how to do things that you thought you no longer could, with unique products not found in other stores. 

Amy has also made IDC a Medical Boutique, a store that feels up-beat and happy and looks nothing like an ordinary medical store. You can ask them the questions you feel uncomfortable asking your family or caregiver. Her goal is to make you feel like a person again. She and her staff may not be able to change your condition or disease state, but surely they can assist you to make it easier and more comfortable for you, your family or the caregiver.

She has created a very unique, must- see store with FREE Consultations and home safety specialists. They focus on quality of life, independence, dignity, and the tools you need to get there. Along with their unique products and equipment, they also carry a full line of bathroom safety needs and products for the athlete and young children. IDC Lets me be me………
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Available Benefits

Smiling elderly couple
  • Rental services and great accessories
  • Senior discounts
  • Full line of durable medical equipment
  • Private consultations for erectile dysfunction
Elderly woman in a wheelchair
  • Custom solutions
  • Home care safety specialists
  • More than 30 years in the medical field
  • Make you feel like a person again
Medical equipment
  • Maintain your individuality
  • Equipment that's right for you
  • Protection against falls
  • Make life easier for patients and caregivers
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